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Local SEO

Every commercial organization aims to expand their business for increasing profits. iCrow’s local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) protocols can contribute towards achieving these organizational objectives. Local SEO strategies are directed towards higher online visibility. They are inclusive of being ranked on search engines like Google, getting listed in online directories, updating your website with fresh content regularly, and web-based reviews.

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Local SEO is no longer optional, but it is recognized to be a crucial element for growing your business. This is because, at an increasing pace, people are depending heavily on search engines for locating dealers in their vicinity. iCrow can help in the marketing of your brand within local markets.

The varied benefits of SEO are discussed below:

  • Localized Marketing

    Local SEO helps your company to focus on certain business regions and have fewer competitors. Your company website can scale the search engine rankings with the right approach

  • Online Directories

    Getting listed on directories imparts information about your business and can help you gain new customers.

  • Social Media

    Your social media campaigns can be tailor-made to target localized groups through local SEO methods.

  • Higher SERP rankings

    Customizing content on your company’s webpage can help in drawing local crowds. Your organization can climb the ranking charts and be displayed higher in the results page.

  • Track Return on Investment

    Local SEO programs enable you to track your investment against the development of your company’s business within the district.


As a response to your query on the ROI that you can expect from local SEO campaigns, it may interest you to know that it cannot be measured. However, to gain maximum mileage from your local SEO outlay, it is advised to be invested for a long-term. You can compare them to stocks, just like you have to choose good securities and keep them for a reasonable amount of time for gaining highest returns; similarly, where local SEO is concerned, you must select appropriate keywords and be prepared for the long haul for optimum gains.