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Link Removal

Before Google Penguin was introduced by Google in the year 2012, the more hyperlinks that websites acquired, greater was the probability of the pages being ranked higher in their ranking charts. After its release, the quality of the links was given importance. Also, web-pages having poor backlinks profile were penalized. Nowadays, the quality of the links that are pointed back to web-pages is the determining factor if you want to be ranked higher in the search results page. If you have noticed dwindling traffic on your company website, there is need to remove the bad backlinks as your company is being displayed lower in the search results.

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The removal of poor quality links is beneficial as it can help in lifting the penalty enforced by Google. It is also essential to attain high-quality links for getting optimum benefit from your SEO venture. The benefits of conducting this exercise are detailed below.

  • Higher Rankings

    Employing the SEO services of iCrow can result in your web-link scaling the ranking charts of search engines. As part of these services, we will also direct our efforts towards clearing your webpage of bad links and convincing Google about the same for removing the penalty.

  • Trustworthy Brand

    Featuring higher in the rank charts can improve your company’s image. Your brand will also be perceived to be a trustworthy name which can help in developing your business.

  • Increase in Traffic

    Companies are focused on increasing traffic to their websites for heightening the rate of conversions. Partnering with iCrow can help in getting the desired results.

  • Higher Sales

    We at iCrow can help in directing traffic to your website by making sure that your organization appears higher on the results page. By doing so, the number of potential customers is increased and can help in driving up the sales figures.

  • Avoiding Legal Hassles

    iCrow company does not practice ‘black hat’ solutions. We only pursue ‘white hat’ protocols and can help in keeping your company free from legal troubles.


Giving an exact measure of your ROI pertaining to your link removal program may not be possible. In addition to removing the low-quality backlinks, there is also need to acquire high-quality links for maximizing the gains from your SEO investment. You may also find it useful to learn that investing in relevant keywords can give better output. This is because search engines apply 2 criteria for ranking websites including appropriate keywords and quality links.

We at iCrow are well-versed with the challenges that companies are facing for increasing their online presence. Based on our knowledge and expertise, we will guide you on getting optimum gains from your SEO project. We suggest you give us a call today for exploiting this opportunity.