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Google Algorithm Update

Google is one of the most popular search engines; their constant endeavor is to augment the user experience. On Google, we only need to input few words pertaining to the information that we are seeking, and Google’s algorithms will browse the indexes for displaying those search results that contain the keyword. Sometimes, the findings are not related to the context. By introducing algorithm updates on a regular basis, Google tries to deliver those findings that are more relevant to our premise.

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The varied benefits of hiring the services of SEO consulting companies like iCrow, relating to Google’s algorithm updates, are studied in the following details.

  • Better Ranking

    Being ranked well on search engines can have several advantages. Primarily, they can help in increasing your business on web platforms. iCrow’s SEO services can be beneficial for gaining higher ranks by remaining updated with the dates on which Google will unveil their new algorithms.

  • Rise in Traffic

    You can expect more traffic on your web-page when you partner with iCrow. This is achieved by ensuring your organization is seen ahead of your competitors on the search pages.

  • Higher Sales Figures

    The main aim of business is to meet the sales targets. We at iCrow can contribute towards heightening your online sales by enticing higher crowds towards your website and increasing the possibility of them becoming your customers.

  • Avoid Legal Troubles

    iCrow does not encourage ‘black hat’ solutions. We are firmly committed to not indulge in any kind of wrongdoing. We practice only ‘white hat’ proposals. By doing so, you can be sure that your company will not have to face any legal hassles on our behalf.

  • Garner Good Reputation

    One of the benefits of being exhibited higher in the ranking charts of search engines is that your company can earn repute. Browsers will also perceive your company to be a trustworthy brand and will spread good word about your services.


You may be wondering about the ROI that can be expected by investing in SEO services. To answer this question, we advise that you remain invested for a long-term if you want to optimize your earnings. iCrow’s team have expertise in the SEO domain. Our focus remains on making sure that the rankings of our esteemed client companies scales the charts further.

As part of our SEO services, we will conduct keyword mapping for coming up with those keywords that are effective for gaining higher ranks. This, in turn, will also help in creating a favorable impression about your organization. These factors are crucial for meeting the online sales targets and surpassing them as well.