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APP Store Optimization

We at iCrow are focused on developing your company’s business on web and mobile platforms. Similar to SEO for websites, app store optimization has been developed for mobile phones. ASO concerns itself with heightening the visibility of your organization’s app on app stores for getting more people to download the app. Your company can benefit by being featured on popular app stores which include Blackberry World, Google Play and Windows Store.

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ASO is about customizing your content on App stores for attracting higher number of people to download your company’s app. Let us now study the benefits of this mobile-based venture in the following details.

  • Updated on the Current Trends

    Nowadays, it is a popular practice to make transactions on mobiles. ASO helps in tapping into these markets for increasing the sales of their company-related products or services. Also, some companies are adopting an app-only approach for encouraging higher downloads of their apps for maintaining long-lasting relationships with their patrons.

  • Higher Visibility

    Availing iCrow’s ASO services enables your company to be found by prospective customers and being seen on the top as the means for achieving the desired results.

  • More Downloads

    Apps are downloaded by users frequently, and it is important for your company to be listed higher in the search pages of mobile stores for increasing the chances of your company’s app being downloaded.

  • Reaches Target Customers

    Every company has a target group and we at iCrow’s ASO team can help you in touching base with these prospects for driving the sales of your business to higher levels.

  • Increases Revenues

    The more people download your company’s app, higher is the probability of them becoming your clients. ASO can contribute towards enticing crowds to download your apps for gaining additional customers and increase the revenues of your company.


Measuring your ROI on your ASO investment is said to be difficult. But, it can sure be a profitable venture in the long-run. iCrow’s ASO strategies places a guarantee that the apps that are developed will enable you to penetrate into markets that your company is targeting.

We conduct research on some variables such as popular keywords, competitor standing, current trends and market factors, based on which the ASO benchmarks are determined. This survey also helps companies in understanding their audience. They can compile data on the amount of traffic and user habits that is useful for developing future strategies and getting higher ROI from their ASO outlay.