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Social Media

Social media concerns itself with the interactions between people across virtual networks. It is a medium for discussing ideas, voicing opinions and disseminating information. You can rely on iCrow for managing your Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat accounts.

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With the right approach, social media can bring higher traffic numbers to your website and boost sales of your organization. The benefits of heightening your presence on social media are detailed below.

  • Brand Recognition

    Social media channels can familiarize prospective customers about the services rendered by your company. The probability of them becoming your clients remains high as a result.

  • Brand Loyalty

    You can earn loyal customers by opting for iCrow to be your social media agency. We can encourage browsers to follow your brands and remain loyal to you.

  • Increases Possibility of Sales

    Social media gives companies an opportunity to display their brands and interact with the browsers. This exercise can drive higher traffic numbers to your website and result in higher conversions. It can help in meeting your online sales targets as well.

  • Get Feedback

    Across all your social media resources, iCrow helps in collecting customer data along with their feedback for assessing their responses and knowing the various discussions around your brand. This information is useful for charting smarter future marketing strategies.

  • Higher Ratings

    Your company can feature higher in the ranking charts by receiving higher social media posts. You can count on iCrow for gaining repute for your brand within online communities.


Depending on your company’s objectives, the ROI on your social media investment should be quantified. Value creation is not only limited to revenue, raising brand awareness can also be one of the objectives for which companies may venture into social media domains.

We at iCrow are a team of experienced professionals that can help in increasing your ROI. Whether it is raising sales figures, improving company image or increasing brand recognition, you can count on us for achieving the desired results. We will track all the action on your website including signups, downloads and conversions. Also, we will keep you posted on your earnings from customers. You will be updated on your investment amount against the revenues, based on which we will give our suggestions on enhancing the social media experience.