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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is concerned with how the online community discerns your brand. Nowadays, it is gaining importance because people are becoming increasingly dependent on internet-based resources for seeking information. It is common knowledge that the primary objective of organizations is to boost sales. As a result of negative publicity, it may so happen that people may not view a brand as a trustworthy name due to which businesses could record a fall in sales numbers. Therefore, companies are relying on ORM strategies for countering the misleading concepts.

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Organizations can no longer afford overlooking ORM programs because it is a question of their reputation and there is a lot that can be lost if remedial measures are not taken in a timely manner. Choosing iCrow as your agency for managing your ORM campaigns can have the following benefits.

  • Positive Word-of-Mouth

    ORM ensures that only those messages that you want to convey about your company to your target audience is reaching them. Prospective customers come across only positive feedback pertaining to your business.

  • Eliminates Negative Content

    With iCrow you can be assured that all the irrelevant content relating to your brand-name is removed on the web for reversing the negative perceptions of your company.

  • Business Promotional Tool

    ORM provides a platform to promote your business further. If you are sponsoring a sports event or generating a press release, you can make announcements on social media accounts to increase awareness about your brand.

  • Higher Visibility

    Through ORM, you can connect with your prospective clients via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Having a presence on these platforms can also heighten your online visibility and help you score higher in the ranking charts that are released by search engines.

  • Customer Responses

    iCrow’s ORM strategies are directed towards connecting you to potential clients for learning about their opinions concerning your company’s services. This feedback is helpful for charting future marketing plans.


As part of iCrow’s measures for helping you maximize your ROI from your ORM investment, we make sure that precise data on your company is available across all web-based sources. Additionally, we direct our efforts towards generating positive reviews about your organizational services. We also keep ourselves updated about the various debates that are taking place about your organization on the internet.

It may also interest you to learn that our submissions of your businesses to the chief data companies takes place on a consistent basis. Hence, they do not need to rely on other sources and provide only truthful information. Also, we keep you posted on the latest buzz and its impact on your business, based on which you can plan your future course of action. We recommend that you partner with iCrow for optimizing the returns from your ORM venture.