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Email Marketing

Encompassed within the gambit of internet marketing, email marketing involves conveying commercial messages to different groups of people via emails. Emails are sent to prospective clients and can be viewed as making a sales pitch. Its objectives include building customer loyalty, advertising about the trade name, increasing brand awareness and trade soliciting. It is a mode of communicating with the sales leads for acquiring new clients, and existing customers for their retention. You can also discern it to be a relationship-building exercise with current, new or past customers. This medium is recognized as a tool for gaining more clients and encouraging them to remain loyal to your brand or as a means of persuasion for making purchases.

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Companies opt for email marketing for delivering content to customers and keeping them updated about their latest offerings. Some of the benefits of this type of marketing are discussed in the following details.

  • Customized Messages

    Email marketing gives you the freedom to target your audience and ensures that the message is communicated the way it was intended to. iCrow’s services help you to customize your messages to the prospective clients whilst bearing in mind their requirements and demographics.

  • Increase Brand Recognition

    As a result of familiarizing new prospects with the products or services rendered by your company, they are able to become more acquainted with your brand and are induced to make purchases from your company.

  • Shareable

    Subscribers are able to share deals and offers provided by your organization with their bunch of friends and relatives by clicking the forward option. This helps in getting more exposure and lending credibility concerning your brand name.

  • Quantifiable

    With iCrow as your partner, we ensure that we keep you posted about the number of sent emails, click-throughs, the conversion rate and the client’s responses. We also provide valuable insights about their perceptions pertaining to your brand. Here on, you are better equipped for drafting successful marketing campaigns in the future.

  • Cost-Efficient

    You can count on iCrow for saving costs because through our email marketing programs we enable you to connect with a higher number of clients at minimal costs.


You may find it interesting to learn that according to a survey it was found that email marketing gives an ROI of more than 120%, which is four times higher than marketing on other digital channels including social media. Email marketing is preferred because of its low-cost nature; also, it encourages greater interaction with the prospects. Moreover, you can tailor the emails according to the varied consumer segments in accordance with their interests.

We suggest that you choose iCrow to collaborate with you as your email marketing manager. It will be our endeavor to conceptualize the messages for delivering quality content to the recipients for persuading them to become your clients. We will also make certain that you gain the highest ROI from your email marketing outing.