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App Advertising

App advertising is concerned with featuring ads on mobile apps as a means of reaching the target groups. It is one of the newest marketing trends adopted by business houses. Additionally, companies are increasingly developing apps as part of their marketing efforts. The primary purpose is to familiarize new prospects with their latest offerings, build customer loyalty amongst the existing clients or induce more people to download the app. Large-sized companies spend billions of dollars on advertising, and they are investing heavily in promoting their company-based apps as well as displaying their ads on the apps. Even small and medium enterprises are following the same route albeit with budgetary constraints.

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Nowadays, there are more cellular users than internet users, as a result of which app-based advertising is fast gaining popularity. The benefits of this medium are discussed in the following details.

  • Higher Visibility

    Marketing is concerned with getting more users acquainted with your products and services. A significant percent of people own smartphones and are using apps; tapping into these markets is the only way forward for organizations to create buzz amongst the crowd about their latest offers.

  • Time Saving

    Mobiles are in the hands of users for the entire day due to which they can be reached without any delay. You can keep them informed about any special deals via app advertising.

  • Cost-efficient

    App advertising does not cost as much as radio or television advertisements. With iCrow, you can avail of economical rates and ensure that you reach your focus group.

  • Personalized Ads

    Through mobile advertising, you can avail the geo-targeting advantages of cellular-based networks and develop ads based on the location of the users. iCrow’s team has expertise in studying user habits and customizing the ads to target the prospective clients more effectively.

  • Prevent Fraud

    Internet-based advertising campaigns are vulnerable to frauds but this risk is mitigated through mobile-based ads.


Research studies indicate that mobile marketing is only going to catch more momentum in the coming years. If companies want to exploit these markets further, increasing their app advertising spend would be advisable. It would be difficult to ascertain an exact figure of your ROI but being invested for a long-term and restructuring the marketing plan as per the feedback can help to make your campaign successful.

iCrow’s team of experts can assist you to know your audience better and design ads to suit their palate. We are adept at tailoring ad campaigns in accordance with the client’s location or places they visit on a frequent basis. We can conceptualize the messages based on their habitual patterns for garnering their interest towards your various offers. Be assured that our attempts will be directed towards maximizing your returns from this medium.