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Analytics & Conversion

Analytics are given importance in businesses because they help in measuring your performance. It is based on the past results that the future strategies are designed. You may also find it interesting to learn that websites such as Facebook, Google and Bing implement their own proprietary mechanisms for tracking the conversions taking place through display of advertisements on their sites. It is their way of determining how they have performed. Conversions pertain to browsers pursuing the required action which could include making a purchase, form filling for lead generation or greater interaction.

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Google Analytics has been developed for tracking the performance of your chosen keywords. You are also kept posted on the level of interaction of the web-users on your site. With iCrow as your partner, you can be assured that you will receive updates on the amount of traffic that your keywords are generating. The benefits of this service are discussed more in the following details.

  • Free of Cost

    This program is offered at no charges and is way more functional than the paid ones.

  • Informative

    Through the Google Analytics tool, you can learn how the browsers are reaching your website. You can count on iCrow’s services for informing you the keywords that they are inputting for finding information about the services that are rendered by your organization.

  • Measuring Success

    iCrow’s services are inclusive of measuring the success of your efforts. You will know the pages that are most visited and whether the traffic is being diverted where desired.

  • Market Segmentation

    Having information about the new visitors on your site is helpful for market segmentation, based on which your online marketing strategies should be charted out.

  • Customizing the Site

    You can customize those pages which are non-performing and design them to make them more user-friendly for directing more traffic towards them.


Google Analytics delivers reports that contain information on the rate of investment from your SEO programs. These include the ‘Cost Analysis’ and ‘ROI Analysis’ reports. By collaborating with iCrow, be assured that we will help in calculating the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of your numerous SEO programs. We will also advise you to make higher investments in those ventures that are giving a greater ROAS.

Furthermore, we ensure that all the settings are in order for the ROAS calculations to be precise. You can get information about your revenues and conversions through these reports. In short, Google Analytics is a tool through which you can compute your ROAS for your marketing programs, and iCrow assists you in interpreting the reports and taking appropriate business decisions based on the findings.