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Google Adwords is an advertising medium that was developed by Google in the year 2000. It is a paid service where advertisers are required to pay a certain sum for displaying their advertisements on Google sites. It is based partially on both cookies and keywords. These factors are taken into consideration after which Google posts the ads where they deem relevant. Additionally, there is a bidding process through which it is determined where the ads will feature on the web-based pages. It is important to note that advertisers pay only when users click on their ads. The associate websites are also given a percent of the revenue earned.

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The benefits of venturing into the Google Adwords world can prove to be effective for developing your business. Read on for more details on the same.

  • Quantifiable

    With Google Adwords, all aspects of your marketing programs are easily quantifiable. You will be posted on the number of clicks and rate of conversion. iCrow’s team comes with the expertise of optimizing websites and researching appropriate keywords for maximizing online sales of our esteemed clients.

  • Cost Efficient

    You have to make payment on a pay-per-click basis which makes Adwords extremely cost-efficient. Moreover, you can determine your daily budget. Partnering with iCrow is helpful for lowering your costs per click over a period of time. We can raise traffic on your site without you having to incur extra costs

  • Most Relevant

    Through an auction process, the most relevant ads are arranged on Google pages, depending on the search inquiry. This offers all the competitors a level-playing field.

  • Tapping Markets

    Investing in Google Adwords allows online advertisers to target specific consumer groups. These could include mobile users or those situated within a locality.

  • Retargeting

    Google’s remarketing strategy allows advertisers to redraw the attention of the browsers towards their advertisements. By following the activity of the users, the ads are re-displayed across Google’s sites.


Measuring ROI is important as it helps in gauging the output of your advertising efforts. Also, it helps in gaining an understanding whether your marketing goals have been met or not. One of the primary benefits of using Adwords as your mode of advertising is the fact that in allows you to track your rate of conversion. In short, you get to learn the number of clicks that have successfully been converted into sales.

We at iCrow give you an assurance that we can help you enjoy higher rate of return on your Adwords investment. Our efforts will be directed towards researching appropriate keywords and devising eye-catching ads for attracting higher traffic on your website. We suggest you call on us today!