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Digital Marketing

Through the various channels of Digital or Data-driven Marketing, organizations are able to display their products, improve the probability of sales, raise awareness of their brands, interact with their audience and increase the scope of their businesses. It is a term that denotes the marketing of a company’s varied offerings on digital platforms, primarily on web-based sources, but also inclusive of display ads, mobile phones, and other digital means.

Some techniques that are employed in digital marketing include content marketing, social media optimization, search engine marketing, ebooks, content automation, and social media marketing – to name a few.


Google Adwords is an advertising medium that was developed by Google in the year 2000. It is a paid service where advertisers are required to pay a certain sum for displaying their advertisements on Google sites. It is based partially on both cookies and keywords. These factors are taken into consideration after which Google posts the ads where they deem relevant.

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Social Media

Social media concerns itself with the interactions between people across virtual networks. It is a medium for discussing ideas, voicing opinions and disseminating information. You can rely on iCrow for managing your Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat accounts.

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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is concerned with how the online community discerns your brand. Nowadays, it is gaining importance because people are becoming increasingly dependent on internet-based resources for seeking information. It is common knowledge that the primary objective of organizations is to boost sales.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing entails creating and distributing free content through various sources such as podcasts, videos, infographics, blogs, newsletters, e-books, white papers and photos. By viewing the educational posts, browsers will perceive your brand to a well-established name. Based on their perceptions, they will be induced to become your customers.

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Email Marketing

Encompassed within the gambit of internet marketing, email marketing involves conveying commercial messages to different groups of people via emails. Emails are sent to prospective clients and can be viewed as making a sales pitch. Its objectives include building customer loyalty, advertising about the trade name, increasing brand awareness and trade soliciting.

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Analytics & Conversion

Analytics are given importance in businesses because they help in measuring your performance. It is based on the past results that the future strategies are designed. You may also find it interesting to learn that websites such as Facebook, Google and Bing implement their own proprietary mechanisms for tracking the conversions taking place through display of advertisements on their sites.

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App Advertising

App advertising is concerned with featuring ads on mobile apps as a means of reaching the target groups. It is one of the newest marketing trends adopted by business houses. Additionally, companies are increasingly developing apps as part of their marketing efforts. The primary purpose is to familiarize new prospects with their latest offerings, build customer loyalty amongst the existing clients or induce more people to download the app.

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Branding Services

Branding strategies are targeted at differentiating brands amongst its competitors. Brands reflect a company’s vision and its way of functioning. However, it may be challenging for business to effectively communicate to their prospective clients how their offerings can add value. iCrow’s team has years of expertise in designing a brand strategy that can effectively convey the intended messages to their client base.

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Amazon, Ebay & Jet Optimization

Companies such as Amazon and Ebay sell products of third parties on their sites. These websites are available for companies to leverage their goods so they can boost their sales performance. However, they have to work towards getting listed on top of the search results if they want a higher conversion rate.

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