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Online Video Production

Online video production serves a variety of marketing purposes including garnering the interest of viewers, visually depicting brands, engaging the audiences, elucidating a subject, and inducing people to take a particular action. The goal of producing videos is to get higher number of conversions. Some videos that are posted on websites are educational, interactive, concept-based or promotional in nature. You can also make videos of product demonstrations and company synopsis for uploading on your web-link.

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Companies use online-based videos for targeting web users to increase brand awareness about their offerings or with the intention of prompting them to act as required. The benefits of online video production are explained further in the following details.

  • Increase Online Visibility

    Posting videos is a medium for heightening your online presence to familiarize the browsers with your company-manufactured brands.

  • Trustworthy Brand

    iCrow is dedicated to improving the content and quality of your videos for garnering credibility for your company and creating positive perceptions amongst people about your brand-names.

  • Visually Appealing

    At iCrow, we are focused on producing persuasive videos for arousing the interest of the spectators. We include attention-grabbing captions and texts for prolonging their attention span in your offerings.

  • Consumer Loyalty

    Through video content, you can encourage higher interaction with the browsers by asking for their comments and feedback. This helps the customers to remain loyal to your brands.

  • Positioning Your Brand

    iCrow’s services are inclusive of helping you shoot videos for establishing your brand and creating its own distinctive identity in the minds of people. It is an effective medium for differentiating your products amongst your competitors.


Online videos are designed to connect with the viewers on a personal level. If you wish to measure your ROI of online video production, there are various metrics that need to be considered. These could include goal definition, usage of data analysis tools for recording viewership, tracking expenses and registering profits. You must identify those metrics that are of relevance to your organization, which could include number of views, brand recognition or higher profits – as part of your efforts to compute the ROI.

iCrow can assist you in determining the ROI of your online videos. We can track the results of your campaign, determine its level of success, and gauge if the pre-determined goals have been achieved. We make attempts to increase your ROI of your investment in online videos by creating video-based content that is impactful, compelling and action-inducing.