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Mobile Development

Mobile development is concerned with developing applications for those gadgets that operate on mobile-based operating systems. These devices include smartphones, tablets, and cellular phones. Some apps are designed exclusively for mobile devices, whilst others are designed for both mobiles and the web. In recent times, Android has emerged as the dominant mobile operating system, holding a total of 80% of the market share, and is followed by Apple’s iOS that is pegged at 18%. iOS has been engineered for only Apple devices. On the other hand, Android is compatible with several devices.

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Mobile development has become a crucial part of business strategies in recent times. It is being viewed as a way of leveraging the current resources and existing infrastructure for driving the sales figures upwards. The benefits of this service are explored in detail below.

  • Accessibility

    Prospective clients are able to access information about your business from anywhere and at any time through their handheld devices. iCrow’s team also ensure that it is presented in a clear and concise manner for their convenience.

  • Security

    We at iCrow are proficient in customizing mobile apps that offer advanced safety features for greater security of your data.

  • Cost Saving

    Personalized mobile-based applications are extremely cost-saving as you may need lesser workforce for achieving the same efficiency.

  • Competitive Edge

    Making your foray into the world of personalized mobile application development can help you gain better standing in the industry and amidst your peers.

  • Customer Communication

    Mobile apps keep you in touch with your clients. You can inform them about your latest offers and resolve their issues if any. This helps in increasing customer loyalty towards your products or services.


If you are wondering about the yardsticks for measuring your ROI from your investment in mobile application development, it may help you to know that it is dependent on your organizational aims. These could include brand promotion, increasing revenues, studying user habits, or selling user details to third parties.

Nevertheless, the reason for SMEs foraying into mobile apps is because it is a useful tool. They can be assured that they earn a decent return on their investment if it benefits the users and new prospects.

An alliance with iCrow is beneficial because we take efforts to learn about your business after which we build a mobile app that is suited to your company’s needs. We are also focused on helping you drive your ROI further through our world-class services. We suggest you give us a call today for further discussions!