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If you thought the terms ‘website copy’ and ‘website content’ were synonyms, you are mistaken. There are differences between the two. ‘Web copy’ is concerned with copywriting for posting on your web pages: it is the text matter that is visible on your site to inform people about your products or services, including on banners, ads, posts, and newsletters. ‘Website content’, on the other hand, encompasses text, videos, and podcasts: its range is broader than ‘web copy’.

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In the past, companies were emphasizing on inserting relevant keywords in their web copy and content. Nowadays, the focus has shifted on imparting information that is useful for the readers. Let us now look at the benefits of delivering rich website copy content.

  • Gaining Credibility

    iCrow’s services are inclusive of developing valuable content for its patrons. As a result, your company stands to benefit because you are ranked higher in the charts of the search engines and appear on top of the results pages. This helps in creating a positive impression about your business amongst the web users.


  • Higher Lead Generation

    iCrow’s content-driven programs are an effectual tool for getting more leads to improve your business prospects.

  • Targeting Customers

    You can tailor your content to attract the attention of your target audience. Focus on solving their problems and direct them towards your products or services as a viable solution.

  • Competitive Edge

    By availing iCrow’s services, you can improve your standing amidst your peers and be recognized as one of the leading providers within the industry

  • Increase in Revenues

    Greater interaction with browsers can raise your chances of achieving the online sales targets and earning higher profits.


At iCrow, we understand that you are looking for higher returns on your investment in the web-based content-driven campaigns. In our attempts to help you accomplish your objectives, we strive to create compelling content to induce the browsers to express interest in your offerings and become your customers. Moreover, we adopt a vast number of advanced mechanisms for quantifying the results and taking the requisite measures for enhancing your performance.

Our team of experts can help you to start conversations with your target group by creating engaging website copy and content. They can ensure the optimization of your website so it features higher in the rankings of search engines. To discuss further about our content-based services, please give us a call.