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The use of tools for delivery of information to a certain section of the population is referred to as media. But, the term is synonymous with mass media and aims to reach as many people as possible. With the birth of the internet, data became fairly accessible and the term ‘online media’ was coined.

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With the advent of online media, several publication houses have started rendering their services in digital formats. This is because people are relying on digital-based platforms for receiving the latest updates. The benefits of online media are discussed in greater detail below.

  • Brand Awareness

    With iCrow, you can be assured that we will apply online media tools to create higher brand awareness about your products or services for helping you develop your business.

  • Measurable

    iCrow can help you to quantify the results and monitor user activity on your site through Google Analytics. This information is useful for shaping effective future online marketing strategies.

  • Prolonged Exposure

    Digital media platforms are able to hold the viewers’ attention for prolonged periods as compared to newspapers or magazines. Keeping the browsers engaged for longer durations can raise the probability of them converting into your clients.

  • Longevity

    Web-based content is searchable at any time, can be viewed by a larger audience, and is often shared through social media channels. All these factors are helpful for heightening your online visibility.

  • SEO-friendly

    iCrow’s online media services are inclusive of having tie-ups with external websites and increasing the number of inbound links that direct the spectators to your website. The higher the number of hyperlinks that link to your site, greater is the benefit from the SEO perspective.


In your efforts for calculating your ROI from your online media outlay, it may be beneficial to learn that Google Analytics is your best bet for its measurement. You can access information pertaining to the number of visits, the routes taken for reaching your site, the count of repeat users, and their activity streams.

We at iCrow make use of superior analytical tools for information about the pages that are getting the most number of views, the social sites that are bringing in traffic, and the rate of conversions from these leads. You can also gain access to information on the number of shares of your posts. Being privy to this data is handy as you can alter your online marketing strategies accordingly for touching new highs of success.