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The digital version of a printed book, including images and textual matter, that is readable on desktops or handheld gadgets has been termed as an eBook. Sometimes, the electronic forms do not have printed versions. Generally, ebooks are developed for reading on e-readers. However, these can also be read on devices that contain a screen such as tablets, Smartphones, laptops, and computers.

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EBooks are simple-to-use and easily purchasable. They only have to be downloaded from the web after making the payment. Thereafter, you only have to click the download option for their viewing. After you save the file in a folder, you can read it without internet connectivity. The various benefits of eBooks are studied in the following details.

  • Eco-Friendly

    As compared to print versions, eBooks do not require trees to be chopped for manufacturing paper due to which they are considered to be environment-friendly.

  • Lesser Space

    Books require a lot of space for their storage. On the other hand, eBooks do not require much space because they can be saved on the devices.

  • Portability

    EBooks are preferred by people because they can be stored on the gadgets due to which they are portable.

  • Easy-to-Purchase

    Ebooks are purchasable through web-based sources and you do not need to visit a bookstore to buy them.


  • Interactive

    EBooks are interactive as they include animations, videos, and audios for delivering the message that the author is trying to convey.


There are numerous downloadable eBooks available on the Internet. However, they do not get many downloads. This could be because they were not promoted effectively or the programs were not tracked efficiently. With the help of Google Analytics tools, it is possible to keep a record of the number of registrations and downloads. You must also test the workflow to ascertain that everything is running smoothly for building trust amongst the browsers. These factors are helpful for earning a higher ROI from your eBook.

For any help on designing or marketing of your eBook campaigns, we at iCrow can be of assistance. Our services are inclusive of optimizing the promotional programs for driving higher traffic. Through a series of forums, blogs, videos, images, and social media posts, we can generate higher number of leads. Moreover, through advanced tracking mechanisms, we gauge the success of the programs. Going by the results, we make the required changes accordingly for getting the desired response from your target audience. We request you to give us a call today to discuss your eBook prospects!