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July 17, 2017
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Why You Should Not Undermine the Importance of Content in On-page SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is increasingly gaining popularity in recent years. It is considered to be an effective marketing tool for raising awareness about a company’s products or services on web-based platforms. SEO tools are aimed at optimizing your website for ranking higher in the search results of search-based engines such as Google so your brand features amongst the top listings. As a result, you can attract higher traffic numbers on your organization’s web pages and heighten your online visibility.

When the browser inputs one of the related keywords, your company will feature amongst the search results that get displayed. It is important to keep in mind that the first 4-5 results on the search pages are known to get the highest percentage of clicks. Therefore, your SEO efforts must be directed towards being exhibited amongst the topmost results for getting more click-ons.

On-page SEO pertains to the factors that are optimizable for gaining higher ranks in the search results and is mainly concerned with the content on the sites. Off-line is concerned with other variables that are inspected by Google and cannot be controlled only by you. These include your presence on social media sites and industry-related online blogs.

However, it is important to understand that content in on-page SEO is given prime importance and we will be scrutinizing this aspect in the following details.


The relevance of content should not be undermined. This is because users are happy if their purposes are being served. For example, if a person is looking for information on the latest reviews of automobiles, he will insert the keywords relating to his search query and he expects that the search engines will show those results that are in line with the request. Therefore, producing appropriate content must be stressed upon.

Emphasizing on Quality

It is also imperative to include informative content in your blog posts and incorporate compelling headlines for enticing more viewers to subscribe to your blogs.

Keyword Research

Your efforts should also be directed towards conducting an advanced research on the keywords for reaching those customers that are interested in your offerings.

Additionally, you must bear in mind that including the keywords in the text is acceptable, but stuffing them in the content is a big no-no and could result in being rated lower in the ranking charts.

The keywords are already placed in the meta-description, URL, and headliners, so there is no need to go overboard. If it is mentioned few times in the copy, it is sufficient.


Introducing fresh content is a crucial aspect of on-page SEO. You should also consider reviewing old content by adding some current information for presenting to the browsers. Only be sure to conduct an in-depth study on the subject. Also, make sure it is applicable in the times that we are living in.

Straight Answers

It may also be helpful to learn that your content should answer the question directly as a response to the query posed by the user. If the text contains a clear explanation to the inquiry, the search engines will present it right under the search bar.

Remember that content is the driving force of your SEO vehicle. Do not make the mistake of undermining its significance.

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