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Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

In this day and age where digital media has dominated our lives, it is not feasible for companies to stay away from these platforms when concerned with promoting their products.Where the debate of traditional marketing and digital marketing are concerned, there has been a fall in the conventional methods up to 160% and an increase in expenditure on digital marketing by 14%.

Traditional marketing is concerned with ads on radio, posters, television, flyers, hoardings, magazines and newspapers. The scope of digital marketing includes marketing of products or services on digitized technologies primarily on the internet, but also on mobile platforms.

In the following details, we have listed some advantages of digital means over the traditional ones for helping you decide the medium that is most appropriate for your business.

Equal Competing Field

Through a sound digital marketing strategy, any company regardless of its size can compete with its competitors. Digital marketing platforms provide equal opportunities to all businesses; they only have to focus on delivering quality and persuasive content for gaining more clients.

Wider Reach

Another advantage of digital marketing over traditional methods is that the former is more far-reaching than the latter. The avenues of digitized technologies are accessible to any internet or mobile user, unlike the customary modes which are highly confining.

Highly Trackable

Digital media platforms are being preferred by an increasing number of companies because the campaigns can be tracked and the results are measurable by the advertisers. They gain insights on how leads are generated and prospects are responding to the campaigns. Additionally, they get know-how on the campaigns that are effective and can also identify the shortcomings of their programs. Moreover, they can determine if their organizational goals are being met, and if not then they come to understand that then need to alter their future marketing strategies accordingly.


Digital marketing is also advantageous because of its cost-effectiveness. With the help of a well-coordinated marketing strategy for a nominal amount on a monthly basis, you are equipped to advertise your offerings against your peers, target a significant percent of prospective clients, drive higher revenue and compile the data for calculating your return on investment (ROI).

Digitized technologies provide you with a wide variety of choices such as banner ads, display ads, social media sites, and SEO – to list a few. Also, you can plan your budget and tailor your campaign as per the financial constraints.

On the contrary, traditional ways of marketing are expensive. You can choose between print or hoardings but they come with a cost.

Greater Customer Interaction

Digital marketing mediums allow businesses to interact with their customers, understand their requirements, receive their feedback and learn about customer complaints – pertaining to their offerings. All these aspects are useful for organizations to strengthen their relationship with their clients. Also, these marketing modes encourage higher customer loyalty and can go a long way on boosting the organization’s sales.

Traditional marketing does not make it possible for this kind of 2-way interaction between companies and their clients. It is only a 1-way process that increases awareness up to 90%.


The world is fast emerging into a digital space. It is imperative for companies to stay updated on the latest trends and join the digital marketing bandwagon for driving their business further. Surely there are a vast number of traditional marketing campaigns that have garnered success, but it only makes sense to tap into the potential of digitized platforms as well for taking your business to newer heights.


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